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What is ALS Concrete Log Siding?

All styles of ALS siding is designed through a priority process. Each mold has its own unique rustic characteristics and authenticity. Siding shipped from the ALS manufacturing facility is made with the highest quality ingredients on the market for durability and strength without compromising the natural woodgrain appearance. ALS concrete log siding product can be applied to the exterior of any conventional built construction or preexisting structure.  Each order is custom designed to fit your project’s exact specifications.

What is the benefit of ALS Concrete Siding over traditional log exteriors?

Standard exterior sidings such as wood, fiber board, vinyl, etc. are subject to damage from inclement weather and the wear and tear of our daily environment.  Wood structures require continual upkeep to maintain their desired appeal.  At a bare minimum, wood must be stained, sealed, and treated for pests on an annual basis.  Concrete, being a much more durable material, is not as vulnerable to elements such as hail, fire, insects, molds & rot therefore allows you to enjoy your home without having to worry about the cost and hassles of continual maintenance.

What financial benefits do I get from using ALS Concrete Siding products?

Your maintenance costs will drastically decrease compared to a wooden structure.  Additionally, reduction in insurance premiums will be significant. With the fire hazards across the nation, many insurance companies are refusing to write policies on log & wooden exteriors.

What is the R-Value of ALS Concrete Siding?

The R-value of your home is dependent on the quality of your home’s construction. ALS concrete siding allows the flexibility to use either 2″x4″ or 2″x6″ exterior walls allowing you to control the amount and quality of insulation used and therefore the R-value of your home will only be enhanced by the adding ALS concrete siding to you wall structure.

Staining and coloring of ALS Concrete Log Siding?

All styles of ALS Concrete Siding are shipped in raw cement (gray) color. The home owner has the flexibility to choose the shade of wood tone color from a variety of concrete stains on the market. We do not recommend any specific brand. There are many durable long lasting UV protected products that have sustained years of wear and tear on mall floors and sidewalks. These proven stains will surly bring years & years of maintenance free peace of mind to your project.

How much do the EverLasting Concrete Logs™ & EndurAll Concrete Logs™ Cost?

We try to make it as easy as possible to calculate pricing. All ALS packages include dove tails, window & door trim, window sills, accent pieces and planks. We have no hidden costs for “extras”. To get a ball park price multiply the length and height of each wall and subtract out door and window openings, add all wall square footage together for total. Call us for current square foot price.

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Where can I get EverLasting Concrete Logs™ & EndurAll Concrete Logs™?

ALS products are not sold through chain store distribution. Each package is custom manufactured for your specific project and shipped exclusively through Anderson Log Solutions.

How are ALS Concrete Siding products installed?

All ALS products are designed for easy installation by any homeowner or contractor.  View our Installation Guide and Video.

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