• Prepare walls by applying ½” plywood or OSB to studs.
  • Cover plywood with protective house wrap membrane.
  • Using galvanized nails or screws, apply wire mesh to the surface.
  • Fit circular saw with diamond tipped blade and cut logs to appropriate length.
  • Mix S mortar and sand in a 1:1 ratio to a smooth consistency.
  • Butter the back of the cut logs and place onto surface. Begin installation at the bottom corner of the wall and work upward.
  • Level the log in place and attach the log’s metal brackets to the sheeting using galvanized screws. If a cut log doesn’t have appropriate brackets, use 3” screws to screw directly through the log and into the sheeting. Fill in the hole with mortar.
  • Once all logs are installed, use a paint sprayer to apply outdoor concrete stain to the logs.
  • Seal the joint between logs by chinking with type N or S mortar. This can be done with a hand trowel or grout bag.
  • Lastly,spray concrete sealant over entire surface to ensure that your logs maintain their beauty for years to come!
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